New Vehicle Engines Almost Here: This Time For Real

July 15, 2015, Forbes

A year and a half from now, vehicles with engines based on concepts that hark back to the Battle of Britain could start to hit the road.

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Disrupting The Auto Industry: These Are The Startups Unbundling The Car

June 5, 2015, CB Insights

From on-demand repair to vehicle-to-vehicle communication, the automotive industry is changing quickly. These are some of the companies trying to improve cars and the way we drive.

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Startup Automotive Companies To Make You Excited For the Future

September 4, 2014, im Independent Motors

With countries worldwide pushing for better fuel efficiency, especially as more and more people in China and India buy their first and second cars, the onus has traditionally been on the automakers to improve their engines. Silicon Valley’s Pinnacle Engines has instead opted to build a better internal combustion engine, then sell it to those automakers.

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Pinnacle Engines Named “Advanced Technology of The Year” from Motor Fan Illustrated Magazine

June 23, 2014, Motor Fan Illustrated

The Japanese magazine Motor Fan Illustrated recently recognized Pinnacle Engines with its 2013 “Advanced Technology of the Year” award. The magazine also showed the benefits of Pinnacle Engines technology with a feature article in the same issue.

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Pinnacle Engines Technology Featured in Motor Fan Illustrated Magazine

June 23, 2014, Motor Fan Illustrated

The editors of Japan’s Motor Fan Illustrated magazine are bullish on the potential of Pinnacle Engines technology. In addition to naming Pinnacle Engines their “Advanced Technology of the Year” in 2013, they have written no less than three stories in recent issues of the magazine.

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Car Engine Co. Pinnacle Engines Eyes Asia After Closing Series C Round

May 8, 2014, Wall Street Journal

Pinnacle Engines closed a new round of financing and is eyeing Asia as the first market for its efficient-combustion engines for automobiles. The San Carlos., Calif., company said it closed its Series C round with investments from Mitsui Global Investment, VenturEast and a manufacturing partner that it didn’t name. Existing backers Bessemer Venture Partners , New Enterprise Associatesand Infield Capital also took part in the round.

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Former CEO of GM China Group Phil Murtaugh joins Pinnacle Engines board; first engines launch in Asia this year

January 29 2014, Green Car Congress

Pinnacle Engines, developer of a highly efficient 4-stroke, spark-ignited (SI), opposed-piston, sleeve-valve architecture engine, named Phil Murtaugh as the newest member of its board of directors.

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Pinnacle’s opposed-piston scooter engine can meet NOx target with lean operation and ignition delay; little fuel economy hit

November 1 2013, Green Car Congress

For the target market (the Asian scooter market), the low NOxcapability of the Pinnacle engine provides a significant cost benefit to manufacturers. For such small vehicle applications, manufacturers are seeking a fuel-efficient means of reducing engine-out NOx to avoid the cost of implementing a 3-way catalyst and closed-loop-controlled fuel injection system.

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New car sales in China to reach 20 million by 2020

October 24 2013, Autocar India

The growth to 20m new car sales, which will make China by far the biggest car market in the world (ahead of the US), is expected to be a result of an average GDP growth of about seven per cent per year for the rest of the decade. However, key industry figures are now estimating that new car sales will double again between 2020 and 2030.

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Re-engineering Internal Combustion Engine Could Deliver Big MPG Boost at Lower Cost with Fewer Emissions

October 17 2013, The Energy Collective

For all the advances with hybrid and pure electric vehicles and the attention they are grabbing, personal, commercial and government vehicles around the world will be using enormous volumes of gasoline and diesel fuel for decades to come. Investors and innovators know there is a lot of money to be made improving the efficiency of internal combustion engines. If that can be accomplished at a lower cost and with fewer emissions, all the better. Well that day of reckoning may not be far off.

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Pinnacle Engines: A Game-Changing Company for the Engine Industry

July 31 2013, China Motor World

The history of the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) dates back to more than century before. With the worsening of air pollution and increasing concern for the environment around the world (China in particular), improving fuel efficiency and lowering greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions has been one of the most challenging and urgent tasks (for the US and Chinese governments). Finding the right solution to this problem combined with new legislation has led to a strong push toward the technological upgrading of the auto industry.

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FEV analysis of automotive-scale Pinnacle opposed-piston engine finds potential for significant increases in fuel economy

May 15 2013, Green Car Congress

An analysis by FEV of a modeled automotive scale version of Pinnacle’s 4-stroke, spark-ignited (SI), opposed-piston, sleeve-valve architecture engine (earlier post) concluded that the engine has the potential to deliver significant additional fuel economy benefits of up to 42.6% with application of various advanced technologies over a baseline naturally aspirated (NA) 1.5L configuration of the engine..

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6 Green Tech Trends For 2013

December 07 2012, Forbes

Electric cars get ICEd: Kachan believes electric vehicles will face a tougher road in 2013 as technological advances in the century-old internal combustion engine produce fuel economy gains and lower carbon emissions.

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Pinnacle Engine pre-production prototype opposed piston engine shows about 27% fuel consumption improvement across different scooter cycles compared to conventional engine

October 25 2012, Green Car Congress

A 110cc pre-production prototype of a Pinnace Engine 4-stroke opposed piston scooter engine (earlier post) showed approximately a 27% improvement in fuel consumption across different scooter cycles compared to a conventional benchmark engine in dynamometer and simulation testing by FEV.

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Pinnacle Engines shows off innovation at SAE World Congress

April 25 2012, Torque News

Opposed-piston engines have been around for quite some time mostly in two-stroke form but suffer from an emissions perspective. So, that is why Pinnacle Engines stood strong among its many peers at SAE World congress 2012 in Detroit.

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Pinnacle 4-stroke opposed-piston SI engine shows fuel economy improvements of between 30-60% at light loads, 12-30% at medium loads over conventional

April 24 2012, Green Car Congress

Pinnacle Engines, the developer of a high compression ratio, four-stroke, spark-ignited (SI), opposed-piston, sleeve-valve architecture engine (earlier post) reports that the most basic configuration of its engine has shown improvements in indicated specific fuel consumption (ISFC) of between 30-60% at light load and 12-30% at medium-load compared to a comparably sized conventional poppet-valve technology engine.

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The Green Overdrive Show: A super efficient engine

January 18 2012, GigaOM

Enter Valley startup Pinnacle Engines and its innovative engine architecture that can deliver a vehicle with 30 to 50 percent better fuel economy.

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Pinnacle engine: Two pistons, one explosion

December 15 2011, CNET Reviews

Over the roar from a 110-cc, two-cylinder engine, Pinnacle Engines founder James Cleeves (nicknamed Monty), pointed out a window in the block.

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The breakthrough, super-efficient engines

November 14 2011, Autocar Review

One more emerging engine technologies. Staying digadang very efficient but at very affordable prices. Pinnacle Engines technology company which released this machine refer to it as a breakthrough ultra-efficient engines that are designed to reduce fuel consumption significantly and pollutant gas emissions by not making the car so the price is raised.

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Pinnacle Looks Beyond Detroit as the Market for Its Opposed-Piston Engine

October 04 2011, Xconomy

Pinnacle Engines isn’t even bothering with Detroit. The San Carlos, CA, startup, which recently won the backing of the world’s largest venture capital firm, is also developing an opposed-piston engine, one that promises to marry the fuel efficiency of diesel technology with the lower cost structure of gasoline-burning engines.

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Outlook for Overhauling the Combustion Engine

September 21 2011, Bloomberg Television
Rohini Chakravarthy, partner at NEA, a venture capital fund, talks about the outlook for overhauling the combustion engine. She speaks with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.”

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Putting Old Tech In The Internal Combustion Engine Nets One-Third More Mileage

August 26 2011, Fast Company

Decades of refining today’s automobile engine technology has come to this: We’re investing more and more, but getting less and less in terms of efficiency, performance, and durability. What if we took a wrong turn with the internal combustion engine?

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A 54.5 MPG Standard to Hit in 2025: Here Are Ten Ways to Improve Mileage

July 28 2011, Greentech Media

With higher fuel standards on the way, here are some technologies that you might see automakers adopt, or adopt more often…Pinnacle says it can improve fuel consumption by 25 percent to 50 percent.

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The Rebirth of the Internal Combustion Engine

July 13 2011, POPSCI

Monty Cleeves, founder of Pinnacle Engines, wasn’t satisfied with the waste heat generated by conventional engine cycles, so he invented his own. Sort of. The Pinnacle engine is an opposed piston engine–a setup that is quite en vogue among engine designers right now–that dispenses with heavy cylinder heads that backstop the controlled fuel explosions.

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Pinnacle Engines Aims to Slash Fuel Consumption by 25 to 50 Percent

June 29 2011, Greentech Media, Inc.

Most internal combustion engines operate like trumpets, with punctuating valves controlling the flow of air, fuel and exhaust in and out of the cylinder. Pinnacle Engines has come up with an engine that operates more like a trombone.

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Building up the business: how to fund growth

May 25 2011, Financial Times

“Having someone on the board who knew the business we were trying to enter was a really big deal,” says Tom Covington, a founder of Pinnacle Engines, a developer of ultra-efficient engines. Ron Hoge, the venture capital board member who eventually became the company’s chief executive, had previously run Cummins Power Generation, and Magnetek, manufacturers of power generation and control systems.

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Gearheads Rejoice! The Internal Combustion Engine is Back

May 2011, Gear Technology

Please join the Addendum crew in saying “welcome back” to a century-old technology and power source that had been languishing for many years—the internal combustion engine. More specifi- cally—an opposed-piston internal com- bustion engine.

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Opposed-piston engine maker Pinnacle initially targeting developing markets, with vehicles expected in 2013

April 29 2011, Green Car Congress

Startup Pinnacle Engines, the developer of a four-stroke, spark-ignited (SI), opposed-piston, sleeve-valve architecture engine (earlier post), is initially targeting lower power applications (such as tuk tuks) in developing markets in its commercialization strategy. The company has signed a licensing and joint development agreement with a major, as yet unnamed, Asian vehicle OEM, with products expected to be available in the first quarter of 2013.

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Piston Engine Holds Promise for Fuel Economy

March 31 2011, The New York Times Green Blog

Pinnacle, based in San Carlos, Calif., is developing a four-stroke, gasoline opposed piston engine. One of Pinnacle’s key innovations is a sleeve valve invented by the company’s founder, Monty Cleeves, that helps ensure that energy is used for propulsion rather than wasted as heat.

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Pinnacle Engines introduces new opposed-piston engine with a promise of 30-50% better fuel economy

March 31 2011, Green Car Congress

Startup Pinnacle Engines unveiled plans to commercialize a new, more efficient combustion engine by 2013. The company says the new engine design enables significant reductions in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions without increasing vehicle cost. Pinnacle has raised $13.5 million in venture funding from NEA, Bessemer Venture Partners and Infield Capital.

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Green Car Tech: Pinnacle Engines Emerges From Stealth With $13.5M

March 31 2011, Gigaom

A lot of the innovation around next-gen car technology has focused on electric cars and biofuels, but there’s a massive need for technology that can make our current cars more fuel-efficient. On Thursday, a startup called Pinnacle Engines emerged with just such a technology and a round of venture capital backing, and the company says it can deliver an engine with 30 to 50 percent better fuel economy.

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Cleantech Engine Maker Pinnacle Comes Out of Stealth with $13.5M From NEA, Bessemer

March 31 2011, PE Hub

Pinnacle Engines emerged from stealth on Thursday with the news it raised $13.5 million from a pair of top VCs and an announcement that it will introduce a dramatically more efficient internal combustion engine by 2013.

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Start-Ups Work to Reinvent the Combustion Engine

March 30 2011, The New York Times

In this city where Toyota Priuses clog the roads and battery-powered Tesla Roadsters and Chevrolet Volts can be spotted at the organic farmers market, the engine factory in a gritty industrial neighborhood near San Francisco Bay is a throwback to the automotive past.

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